Wednesday 29 September 2010

I hate blogging.

It's a fact. I'm not starting this blog to post my random thoughts on life, the universe and everything. So why have I started this blog? People have asked me many times how they can keep up to date with what I'm currently hacking on. For a long time I've been trying to lay low and just talk about it on IRC but the signal to noise ratio on IRC can be quite low, and unless you idle there you won't see updates. I also hate keeping websites and mailing lists and posting regularly on forums and so on. But "NC" suggested this and it made a lot of sense for me to post my rambling on about what changes there are in the very little software that I do work on. So I'm giving it a try. I tend to work on my stuff in bursts, doing a truckload of stuff for a month or so, then refusing to look at code for another few months having gotten sick of it.

So here goes, a blog mainly about the -ck kernel and BFS updates if and when they occur, and what ideas I have for it. The latest BFS is version 0.350 and I've spent the last few days bringing the most current so-called "stable" 4 point kernels from to up to date having a BFS 350 patch. Unfortunately I've only compile tested the earlier kernel patches due to lack of time and interest, but I've been running on a number of machines now and am very pleased. I'll post more on the new BFS when I get around to it.

Patches here:
BFS Patches

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