Thursday 24 March 2011

2.6.38-ck1, BFS 0.363 for 2.6.38

TL;DR This post isn't about lrzip at last.

I've ported BFS and all previous -ck patches to 2.6.38.

2.6.38-ck1 can be grabbed here:

Ubuntu packages here:
Ubuntu Packages

and BFS for 2.6.38 can be grabbed here:
BFS 2.6.38

Apart from slight architectural changes between the kernel versions, and YET ANOTHER mainline rewrite of the CPU offlining code for suspend to ram/disk (which always causes problems with porting BFS since I have to rewrite my own parts of that code), this is the same BFS v0.363 as per the last release.

There is no "autogrouping by SID" in BFS or -ck. I remain unconvinced of any tangible benefit of such an approach for real world usage, and for the potential for problems and inability to apportion CPU when you actually want to.

Please report your experiences, but only if they're meaningful. I don't care how your PC performs if you do make -j 4096 unless you happen to have 4096 CPUs :)

Please enjoy! お楽しみ下さい


  1. Why would anybody do 'make -j 4096' if they didn't have at least 4096 cores.

  2. Well, they're doing make -j64 on dual cores and using that as some kind of meaningful test to show why autogrouping is a good feature. That's what I was referring to.

  3. 4096 jobs is just absurd, guy. why would anyone do anything like this on a normal pc? its just plain stupid. btw, really liking this patchset on 2.6.38. also, a completely off-topic question, did you learn japanese?

  4. Many thanks for the new release!
    I've applied BFQ-v2 and your -ck1 to openSUSE's most recent Kernel:/HEAD for 11.4 (some cosmetic editing required).
    It makes a much better experience than plain kernel with SCHED_AUTOGROUP && CGROUP_SCHED enabled.

  5. I know and agree it's absurd.

    Yes I've been teaching myself Japanese for a while now.

    Thanks for your feedback.

  6. Patch downloaded, applied to 2.6.38 kernel. Seems to be functioning within normal parameters. CK rawks! :D

  7. Thanks Tex.

    Sneaky secret. I'm planning a small BFS improvement in the very near future so if you're planning on packaging anything, hold off.

  8. well...I think I should wait for the small improvement to pack the kernel on opensuse build service...

  9. CK, you rock! As I promised, I'm posting these good news!

    A while back I was trying to use BFS quite a number of times on my T500 and after suspend (NOT hibernate) my system started to be slow as hell...

    IT'S FIXED at least with version 363!
    I'm able to resume at least 5 times and nothing goes slow, previously after 2nd or 3rd time it went dog slow...

    Thank you!