Sunday 8 May 2011


A few minor bugs have shown up since version 0.604 that people have spotted, so I've attended to them and added a new lrzcat symbolic link and released version 0.605. Here's the changelog:

Addition of lrzcat - automatically decompresses .lrz files to STDOUT. lrzip and lrunzip will no longer automatically output to STDOUT when output is redirected. Progress output will no longer spam the output unless the percentage has changed. lrzip now has no lower limit on file sizes it will happily compress and is able to work with zero byte sized files. The percentage counter when getting file info on small files will not show %nan. The executable bit will not be enabled when compressing via a means that can't preserve the original permissions (e.g. from STDIN).

I'm now getting reports that lrzip is sneaking into many distribution repositories, that the 'file' command is finally getting support for .lrz files, and that rpm is even including support for lrzip compressed files. Great news, and thanks to the packagers and other developers.

Get version 0.605 from here: LRZIP 0.605 on freshmeat

Happy Mother's day if you're celebrating it in your part of the world.

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