Monday 9 September 2013

Lrzip 0.616

Due to some issues with lrztar, I've posted an updated lrzip with a fixed lrztar.

Version 0.616 is now up, and should appear here soon:

This post will likely be overshadowed by the next one I'm about to post.



  1. Thanks CK. `lrztar -d foo.tar.lrz` works as expected under 0.616.

  2. I'm having troubles with zpaq compression:

    # lrzip -vv -z -O /tmp /tmp/pf.iso
    The following options are in effect for this COMPRESSION.
    Threading is ENABLED. Number of CPUs detected: 2
    Detected 3170697216 bytes ram
    Compression level 7
    Nice Value: 19
    Show Progress
    Max Verbose
    Output Directory Specified: /tmp/
    Compression mode is: ZPAQ. LZO Compressibility testing enabled
    Heuristically Computed Compression Window: 20 = 2000MB
    Storage time in seconds 1395412500
    Output filename is: /tmp/pf.iso.lrz
    File size: 100286464
    Succeeded in testing 100286464 sized mmap for rzip pre-processing
    Will take 1 pass
    Chunk size: 100286464
    Byte width: 4
    Succeeded in testing 452608000 sized malloc for back end compression
    Using up to 3 threads to compress up to 33428822 bytes each.
    Beginning rzip pre-processing phase
    hashsize = 4194304. bits = 274877906966. 0MB
    Starting sweep for mask 1
    Starting sweep for mask 3
    Starting sweep for mask 7
    Starting thread 0 to compress 33428822 bytes from stream 1
    lzo testing OK for chunk 33428822. Compressed size = 11.80% of chunk, 1 Passes
    Illegal instruction

    Above is lrzip version 0.616 compiled on ubuntu 10.04 failing with that "Illegal instruction". I don't know how which other info I should supply and how..