Saturday 11 June 2016

lrzip 0.630

It's been a long time since I've updated lrzip as version 0.621 was very stable. Having had a long time for many people to test it in lots of environments has allowed a few rare bugs to be shaken out, and a few issues showed up on different hardware/OS, so an update was finally required. In addition it gave me an opportunity to implement a feature many had requested - gzip command line support. This is now done when lrzip is called via the command line 'lrz' instead of its full name lrzip.

Get it here: 
Git repository:

The short short feature changelog:
- gzip command line support when lrzip is called with the name lrz instead of lrzip
- recursive directory compression support with -r (this was required to meet gzip compatibility)

The short short bug changelog:
- Reports of being unable to malloc ram and failing should all be fixed now.
- Inability to decompress very large (multiple chunk) encrypted archives is now fixed. Fortunately the issue was on decompression, not compression so if you have generated files that meet this criteria they are safe.

Full changelog:
* checksum.buf should only be changed after the semaphore wait
* Update README
* Add documentation for recursive mode
* Implement gzip compatible -r recursive option
* Add initial argument processing for recursive option
* Tidy
* Add one more verbose for compat mode
* Add support for various combinations in compat mode
* models is array of chars. char's signess is implementation specific. It's
unsigned on ARMv7. Unsigned char cannot represent negative values. GCC 6
complains about it:
* Fix decompression of multiple chunk encrypted archives
* Tidy gotos
* Show correct lengths during testing on big endian and compressed archives
* Update copyright dates
* Allow less than maxram to be malloced for checksum to fix Failed to malloc
ckbuf in hash_search2
* Base temporary output buffer on maximum mallocable, not maxram
* Enable subdir objects for future automake compatibility
* Add support for -m option in lrztar
* Big endian fix for Solaris Sparc courtesy of joelfredrikson.
* Fixed typographical error, changed accomodate to accommodate in README.
* A whitespace fix on lrztar.
* Add sanity check to prevent trying to malloc more ram than a
system/environment is capable of
* Cosmetic help change for compat
* Add rudimentary manpage for lrz
* Fix lrz symbolic linkage
* Do not fail if we are unable to write temporary files, giving a warning only
that it might fail if we don't have enough ram
* Try /tmp/ if none of the temporary environment directories or the current
directory are writeable
* Set STDOUT correctly in compat mode
* Style police
* Fix false warning on decompressing from stdin without keep files
* Fix false warning on compressing from stdin without keep files
* Don't show extra message in compat mode decompress
* Show correct appname when called in compat mode
* Add support for progress, fast and best flags in compat mode
* Add compatibility mode with gzip when called as lrz
* Correct adding slash to control->tmpdir. off-by-one error.
* Update manpage for long options


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  1. lrzip 0.630 has been added to the PCLinuxOS repository. Thanks for the update.

    Galen Seaman