Monday 2 September 2013

Lrzip version 0.615

So finally I found some time to give my other pet project, lrzip, some love and attention that it sorely deserved. Over the past year since the last release, a number of bugs have shown up and some generous souls have contributed bugfixes where possible for them, or at least instrumented where they come from.

This latest release addresses all known bugs that were reported in that time, and includes a few performance micro-optimisations.

The project page is here (0.615 will appear there shortly):

The news update follows:

Fixed -O not working on lrztar.
Made it less likely to run out of ram when working with STDIN/OUT.
Fixed running out of ram when using -U on huge files.
Fixed corrupt archives being generated from incompressible data.
Fixed corrupt archives being generated from very small files.
Fixed endianness on various platforms for MD5 calculation to work.
Fixed rare corruption when compressing with lzma from STDIN.
Fixed all blank data being generated when compressing from STDIN on OSX.
Performance micro-optimisations.
Fixed corrupt archive being generated when all the same non-zero bytes exist on
large files.

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  1. Will have to give it a go. I'll see if I can't build/find it on open build service.