Sunday 27 February 2022

lrzip version 0.650

A number of accumulated bug reports had collected since the last lrzip release and since I regularly use lrzip I want to make sure it stays bug free as far as I am aware, even if I'm not planning any new features for it. As some of the changes are potentially security fixes, I urge any user to update.

Get it here:

or via git here: 

Here is the what's new list:

  • Minor optimisations.
  • Exit status fixes.
  • Update and beautify information output.
  • Fix Android build.
  • Enable MD5 on Apple build.
  • Deprecate and remove liblrzip which was unused and at risk of bitrot.
  • Fix failures with compressing to STDOUT with inadequate memory.
  • Fix possible race conditions.
  • Fix memory leaks.
  • Fix -q to only hide progress.
  • Add -Q option for very quiet.

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