Friday 16 September 2011


It's been a while since lrzip received any attention while I got distracted by cgminer. However a bug report where there was an archive that was not decompressible drew my attention. After a run of debugging and testing (thanks Entil!) I tracked down the bug. The nice thing was the archives were actually all intact, it was purely on decompression that it could be a problem, and it was extremely rare for an archive to be made in this way. So I fixed the bug, updated the lzma library to the latest, added an lrzip bash completion script and a couple of other minor things and have released version 0.607.

lrzip on freshmeat

Meanwhile Michael Blumenkrantz has been working on a liblrzip library for lrzip! That means once we finalise the format, you'll be able to compile in lrzip support into your applications, using functions like:

lrzip_compress(void *dest, unsigned long *dest_len, const void *source, unsigned long source_len)

This work is currently in the liblrzip branch on the github tree.


  1. Thanks CK. Something is off with the installation - it doesn't appear to honor my DESTDIR= switch in the final step. Can you confirm?

  2. Yep, thanks :(

    Stupid autofoo magic. Oh well guess a .608 is warranted.

  3. Still broken with the newest commit (installs $DESTDIR/$DESTDIR/$sysconfdir/bash_completion.d/lrzip). The following seems to work properly for me:

    completiondir = $(sysconfdir)/bash_completion.d
    completion_DATA = bash_completion.d/lrzip

  4. Nice to see you having some time to do some work on lrzip. I was wondering, I read somewhere on this blog that the reason lrzip generally have a worse compression ratio with large files than say 7-zip is because it does some preprocessing on the data. So I was wondering is will there possibly be a way to turn this proprocessing off manually if one would want to, or is lrzip dependant on this?

  5. No, it actually does better than 7zip now. There is a sweet spot for 7zip where it may be better between say 10 and 100MB, but after that lrzip usually wins on speed and/or size. If you enable the unlimited mode with -U it would be very rare to find anything that 7zip is better at. If you disable the preprocessing then it isn't lrzip any more, it's just lzma...

  6. About bash completion, please don't remove it from the package. Simply don't install it, but leave it in there so distro package scripts can install it on their own.