Wednesday 13 April 2011

lrzip 0.602

So the latest version of lrzip seems to be working well in the field with very few bug reports which is nice considering the magnitude of the changes that went into 0.600. I let it stew for a while at 0.601 while I shook out any obvious bugs and am releasing a new stable version that is mostly a bugfix release. Here's the what's new entry for this version:

Now builds on Cygwin.
Fixed wrong symlinks which broke some package generation.
Imposed limits for 32bit machines with way too much ram for their own good.
Disable md5 generation on Apple for now since it's faulty.
Displays full version with -V.
Checks for podman on ./configure
File permissions are better carried over instead of being only 0600.

The only new "feature" is building on cygwin which was contributed by Тулебаев Салават. Thanks!

Just a reminder for what sort of data lrzip works particularly well on:

This is a tarball of all 39 stable kernel releases from 2.6.0 to 2.6.38 and is only 160MB.
Decompressed file size: 10618664960
Compressed file size: 168125950
Compression ratio: 63.159

lrzip 0.602 at freshmeat


  1. just to report that Volkerding just included this lrzip version in the upcoming slackware 13.37 \o/

  2. Awesome, thanks \o/
    That's almost reason enough to change distros, lol.

  3. Who suggested to him to include lrzip? All that's left now is to convince him to change slackpackages to .tar.lrz :)

  4. it can be done: let me graduate on my hypnosis-by-mail course.
    I'll write him about it after mailing Megan Fox. :P

  5. Haha! Send Eliza Dushku a mail on my behalf, please, and if it works, I'll personally write the patches for tar.lrz support ;-)

  6. They're both good friends of mine, so I'll put in a good word.

  7. Megan Fox and Eliza Dushku is your good friends ?